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Keep an eye out for the coming out of DJJUS. By no means a newcomer to the music scene Jus has been rapping and spinning records since he was three. His father a local NYC area DJ taught Jus how to change records and return them to their jacket covers. His father then gave Jus two old turntables to play with around the house. Jus was like a sponge, he mimicked everything his father did with the turntables and soon he developed a style of his own. Standing on two milk crates Jus started perfecting the technique of spinning records. His star was about to shine.

Jus breakout performance at the age of four was at NYC popular radio station Hot 97 with Ed Lover and Dr. Dre. Jus spun records during the “Morning Traffic Jam” segment of the show and was an instant hit. Listeners thought the station was putting on a gimmick. No one could believe a four-year-old could record the beats like Jus was doing. Callers thought Ed Lover and Dr. Dre was playing tricks on them. Jus appeared on the radio show a few times and his popularity led to his own Saturday morning kid oriented radio show called “The Playground” Jus was the youngest person in the world with his own radio show.
This led to a tour in Japan playing in front of more than 40,000 fans. Then Jus performed during half time of the 1996 Super Bowl in San Diego along with Queen Latifah and the Temptations.

While music is Jus first love he has had a taste of the big and small screens. Jus appeared in the lead child role in the movie “Music from the Heart” starring Oscar winners Meryl Streep and Angela Bassett. He later went on to star in the movie “Prison Song” as Mary J. Bilge’s son. Jus has also made cameo appearances in various artists’ music videos. His appearance in Alicia Keys “A Woman’s Worth” video was extremely popular and well received nationally.

When SoSo Def records and Jermaine Dupre was looking for a DJ to go on tour with Bow Wow Jus was the answer. Touring with Bow Wow on Scream Tour 2 was an opportunity of a lifetime. With Bow Wow’s popularity along with the popularity of B2K Scream Tour 2 sold out all over the country. Jus came in contact with a lot of influential people in the music industry. He also performed with Bow Wow during the Miss Teen USA pageant on national television. A lot of fans had heard of Jus since his earlier days performing on the Apollo and as part of Biv 10 All Stars but had not seen him perform in a couple of years. This tour got Jus name back out into the minds and hearts of his growing fans.

When the producers of Scream Tour 3 was put the tour together they decided to give Jus a chance to perform on his own as the Tour’s DJ. On the road again with B2K but this time the tour included Mario, Marcus Houston and Nick Cannon. So KEEP AN EYE OUT for what’s next for this multi talented kid from Queens, NY.
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