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Our Mission

Beec Training and Mike Okereke Consulting Limited is a leading Public Relations Consultancy, Media Management Organisation, Corporate Image Research firm.
The group is highly creative and specializes in Public Information Campaign Planning & Campaign Development, Implementation & Evaluation.

The group is the leader in Africa in corporate Public Relations practice, Communication Audit, and Image Study. Beec Training and Mike Okereke Consulting Limited operates from its offices in Nigeria and Ghana with its training division in the United Kingdom, USA, Ghana.

Beec Training and Mike Okereke Consulting Limited has grown to pre-eminent position in Public Relations Consultancy practice, media management, corporate image study, public relations research and training because the group policy is to ensure that its clients get the best professional advice and skills available. Public Relations practice needs specialised skills and they are handled by senior Public Relations consultants who specialise in that area. As far as we know, we are the leading organisation in Africa with capabilities for these type of assignments. We believe that consulting assignment for Public Relations and Media Management should be awarded through "head hunting" to the organisation with capabilities & MOCL is eminently qualified to handle the assignment.

Professionalism is cost effective and Beec Training and Mike Okereke Consulting Limited makes professionalism and creativity the norm. We are the leaders of the profession in Africa, for example the Chairman & Managing Director of Beec Training and Mike Okereke Consulting Limited is the Past President of the Federation of African Public Relations Associations, the continental professional body for Public Relations practitioners.
He is Past President of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations. He is respected worldwide for his expertise and skills in Public Relations practice. He is a member of the Governing Council of the International Public Relations Association.

The mission of Beec Training and Mike Okereke Consulting Limited is to constantly excel and we help to achieve agreed corporate goals for the client through the provision of highly skilled result oriented professional services from the client's mission. As far as we are concerned, it is the clients bottom line that counts.